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Seelenbalsam - einfach Loslassen ...
Instrumental Soul and Easy Listening. Special music that not only serves relaxation, it also touch your soul.
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Einfach Loslassen
New Release SaxMoments: Seelenbalsam - einfach Loslassen ...
SaxMoments: Seelenbalsam - einfach Loslassen ...
Seelenbalsam - einfach Loslassen ... (CD)
15,00 €
Artist: SaxMoments
Item number: 17774-11
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Available as: CD
Release: 2014
Tracks/Playing Time: 0:59:37 / k.A.
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New Release SaxMoments: Seelenbalsam - einfach Loslassen ...
Seelenbalsam - einfach Loslassen ...
CD15,00 €

Seelenbalsam - einfach Loslassen ... (CD)

The CD "Seelenbalsam - einfach Loslassen" was created in 2014 after a spontaneous stage appearance with the keyboard player Andreas Bindig. Actually, I only asked the musician, if it is possible to play the saxophone solo on stage during his break. He denied this with the words: "No, the only way is to play together here.

Our sounds harmonized fantastically together and we received enthusiastic applause from the audience. The following week we produced my first CD in his studio. Simplify we let our musical feeling flow and the purely instrumental recordings grows purely intuitively. The result is a very special music that not only serves relaxation, it also touch your soul.

CD: Seelenbalsam - einfach Loslassen ...
Genre: Soul/Easy Listening
Composition & Cover: Heiko Frehse
Background: Andreas Bindig
Recording & Mastering: ANDONI Music
Total playing time: 59:37 min
Release date: 2014

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My name is Heiko Frehse, I am Saxophonist & Freelance Speaker around Kiel, Hamburg, Luebeck and Bremen for special moments that touch the soul . . .

At the end of the 80s a saxophonist fascinated me during a live performance and from then on I was fascinated and magically attracted by every saxophone. Without any musical preload, I found learning the instrument very difficult and unattainable. With that superstition, I slowed myself down for 20 years.

In 2008, without any musical knowledge, I took my first saxophone lessons as a late beginner and learnt loudly, with long tones and beautifully stupidly reading from the sheet of music to produce tones. It developed slowly and the desired musical feeling did not come about. After two years of "painting by numbers"; I was at the crossroads of stopping.

In 2010 I bought my first own saxophone: the "Shadow" build by Julius Keilwerth. A quantum leap regarding mechanic, easy response, fault tolerance and sound! I quit my saxophone lessons, omitted the notes and learned autodidactically - without notes. Only now the feeling and expression develops. I specialized in the Genre SmoothJazz, Soul & Ballads, developed my own style and started composing my own songs.

2014 I produced my first CD: SEELENBALSAM - just let go . . . This year I also let go, cleaned up my life, separated myself from useless things, realigned myself and prepared my independence.

In 2015 I gave up being an employee and started my own business as saxophonist. In this and the following year I was often on the road at trade fairs and Ambiente events and travelled all over Germany.

In 2017 I gave church concerts mainly in Schleswig-Holstein and Niedersachsen and was increasingly booked for company events, weddings, birthdays and funerals.

2018 I dedicate myself to new projects to SaxChillOuts and dignifying life stage accompaniments as a wedding speaker with saxophone soul sounds.

In 2019 I expanded my range of games further in the direction of Pop & DeepHouse and accompanied DJs during their appearances. Furthermore I go new ways as ABLETON composer and create fantastic collaborations with musicians who have the right personality and the musical feeling of their background sounds harmonize wonderfully with my saxophone. I play my saxophone sound into their tracks and with new mastering we create completely new and special works.

All in PopRock Easy Listening Instrumental Soul, Funk Easy Jazz-Listening Smooth Jazz Soul Jazz
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