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Lyn Conary
Breaking the Cycle
The fear of being trapped in an endless loop — BREAKING THE CYCLE is a liberation strike that treats this very issue.
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Over You
Rescue Me
Holding Me Back
Better-Broken Heart
On the Run
New Release Lyn Conary: Breaking the Cycle
Lyn Conary: Breaking the Cycle
Breaking the Cycle (CD)
10,99 €
Artist: Lyn Conary
Item number: 15422-14
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Available as: CD
Release: 2023
Tracks/Playing Time: 8 / 0:32:13
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New Release Lyn Conary: Breaking the Cycle
Breaking the Cycle
Lyn Conary
CD10,99 €
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Breaking the Cycle (CD)

We all know it…the fear of being trapped in an endless loop. BREAKING THE CYCLE is a liberation strike that treats this very issue:

A toxic relationship that you finally end (Over You). The fear of failure that you finally face (Holding Me Back), as well as social and internal pressure (Pressure) - or you eventually understand that your love for another person remains unrequited (Better-Broken Heart). Likewise, we shouldn’t mourn a painful past relationship (Winter) and must break free from the shackles of the self-created soulless alter ego we have built because of it (On the Run). Never wait for someone to save you, it might be in vain - make sure you can always trust in yourself (Rescue Me). Lyn Conary closes the album with a hopeful piano ballad (Home). In this song she describes the feeling of arriving back home in a calm and safe place after all the wanderings and pain she went through.

Conarys fourth studio album is - like her first and second LP - completely self-made. The musician wrote seven of the eight songs back in 2013 and produced them within 2 years in her own home studio. The album was mastered by Attila Tapolczai (NHR New Home Recordings, Augsburg, Germany). The artwork on the album cover, digitally reworked by Lyn, was originally painted by the German artist Loni Steel.

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Lyn Conary

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Lyn Veritas Conary (pronounced Connary) is a German DIY singer/songwriter and music producer who started her career as an artist in 2014. She produces all of her songs and music videos herself. Lyn’s style is predominantly dark, with clear Gothic and Grunge influences from the 90s, and can be classified somewhere between Adult Contemporary Pop and Alternative Rock. Her profound lyrics are metaphorical, romantic and also socially critical. Furthermore, Lyn writes her own screenplays, poems and essays, where she can express her great passion for movies and films.

In 2016, she was awarded with the ‘Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis‘ as one of the best new artists of the year.

Alternative, Grunge Pop Rock Independent Singer, Songwriter All in PopRock
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