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Lyn Conary
Through the Dark
Like a booming thunderstorm into the dark valleys of our society - that's how singer-songwriter and music producer Lyn Conary describes her second LP.
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Dark Journey
Sound of Rain
Taking Control
The Things You Do
Fire On The Horizon
I Miss You
I'm Yours
New Release Lyn Conary: Through the Dark
Lyn Conary: Through the Dark
Through the Dark (CD)
15,00 €
Artist: Lyn Conary
Item number: 15422-12
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Available as: CD
Release: 2016
Tracks/Playing Time: 12 / 0:51:08
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New Release Lyn Conary: Through the Dark
Through the Dark
Lyn Conary
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Through the Dark (CD)

Like a booming thunderstorm into the dark valleys of our society - that's how singer-songwriter and music producer Lyn Conary describes her second LP which carries the mystical title "Through the Dark". The German-born artist wrote each of the songs between 2003-2005 and despite her artistical ambitions they have just now (2016) found their way into the world, almost 12 years later. Like the fore-runner and debut LP "Ordinary Exception" (2014), "Through the Dark" is completely selfmade, from vocal & guitar recording, instrumentation to all editing, arranging and mixing.

"Through the Dark" perfectly reflects what Lyn V. Conary stands for as an artist, her love for mysticism and mystery - and in her metaphorical, profound and poetic lyrics she very much opens up about her emotionality and vulnerability regarding human beings and how they treat the world. She describes her sound as elegiac, melancholic, dark and spheric, partly accompanied by rock guitars, however, yet dreamy and up-lifting - like the spell of an ancient long-forgotten world, a walk through a mist-shrouded autumn forest, a longing call for love and safety as well as solidarity for a better world.

"I'm not here to entertain people, there's a clear difference; I want to inspire, give hope and show that everything's possible and that nobody is alone. 'Through the Dark' is about how I had to find my way to cope with the dark sides of nowadays society which nearly crushed me. A lot of people know me as an enthusiastic and optimistic person, but my positive outlook got heavily shaken when I started to fit in and adjust myself to the wrong ideals and values. On this album I describe my way of dealing with this."

Lyn wants to change something, she intends to create a new consciousness. "Through the Dark" is meant to take you on a one-hour journey, unreachable, apart from time and space. Let yourself be enchanted and feel the magic of THROUGH THE DARK!

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Lyn Conary

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Lyn Veritas Conary (pronounced Connary) is a German DIY singer/songwriter and music producer who started her career as an artist in 2014. She produces all of her songs and music videos herself. Lyn’s style is predominantly dark, with clear Gothic and Grunge influences from the 90s, and can be classified somewhere between Adult Contemporary Pop and Alternative Rock. Her profound lyrics are metaphorical, romantic and also socially critical. Furthermore, Lyn writes her own screenplays, poems and essays, where she can express her great passion for movies and films.

In 2016, she was awarded with the ‘Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis‘ as one of the best new artists of the year.

Alternative, Grunge Pop Rock Independent Singer, Songwriter All in PopRock
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